I’ve practically lived for 20years and yet I always get amazed at how stupid I can get when I’m with my friends……
I wish I could turn back time and  take back some very, very stupid things I say all the time.
Being young and learning when to open my mouth and when to shut it..it will be long but I’m willing to bet and hope that I’ll learn from my mistakes!


Yes it’s true!



It is typicall madness for one human being to be outrightly hatefull and spiteful of another human being! What was ones love between two quickly turns to hate…I once watched a movie by Martin Lawrence,”A thin line between love and hate.” It helped me realise that one emotion can and most times is traded for the other quicker than the flash of lightening,  and all it takes is  for one party to feel betrayed and all that used to be is as good as our yesterday’s. 

Madness is considered a desease in many nations of the world and no cure has been found for it. But I believe in inner healing of insanity where you tend to forget what was and you forgive and then you live life.

Let go of spite, resentment, anger and hate and you will realise that there is so much joy in the world that it would be crime to die not having lived it!

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